What SlideTrip is

A SlideTrip will fly you around Google Earth while it simultaneously presents a slideshow. It can be about anything, such as your family vacation, and can include photos, video, and your voice narrating the show with background music.  While a user is watching a SlideTrip, they can pause it and watch another SlideTrip that presents further information.  They can then return to the previous show. That’s how we got the name SlideTrip.

Family History Image  SlideTrip is a collaborative tool for people everywhere to present information about anything, such as your family history.  It turns out that the history of your ancestors has probably been researched by people who share your common ancestors.  This research is probably stored on the internet.  SlideTrip can use this information to help you generate a slide-show about your family history, including audio speech in your own language.  You can then collaborate with your relatives to add pictures and more information to your slide-show.

We Need Beta-Testers

I just got finished making a tutorial for the SlideTrip editor, which generates an on-line slideshow about your family history while flying you around your ancestral lands.Would you like to volunteer as a beta-tester for the SlideTrip editor?  Drop me a note here:  http://www.slidetrip.com/help/167-2/


We also need volunteers to help with various  projects, such as creating History Tours.  Please contact me if you wish to help make a difference.

Following are some presentations that we have made:

Thomas Noble

Here is an example of a family history presentation. Fly to the various events of the life of Thomas Noble, a Puritan settler. Here is a web page with an index into various events of his life.

President Barack Obama

Here is a tour of the life of President Obama. This tour is still under construction, but it gives you an idea about how this project works.

Events Surrounding the Boston Bombings  This is a virtual tour on the events surrounding the Boston Marathon bombings.

Visit this page often to find the newest virtual tours. A few of the tours that are in the works: Battlefields of the U.S. Civil War; the most popular museums of the world, complete with links to 3-D 360 views of rooms; a tool that will generate tours of the lives of your ancestors.